Nicoletta D’Eredita was born in Trieste and at the age of 8 she moved to another Italian city, Treviso, 25 miles north of Venice, where she grew up.
She worked in the financial and administrative department of two large Italian companies and after getting married in 2013, with her husband and son, she decided to move to the United States , precisily in Miami, and found her own company, promoting the traditional Italian product related to events and weddings: Italian confetti
La Confetteria Vita de Palma is a place where you can find the best selection of Italian almonds, in the classic version or with chocolate and different colors.
In Vita de Palma we rely on personal interaction with the client to find the best way to present the product for the event. Our collaboration with wedding and event planner is an important way to increase the knowledge of this traditional Italian product made by historical companies in Italy that transmit the passion for natural ingredients and craftsmanship.
We also collaborate with a laboratory of boxes in precious fabrics to customize each event with a special touch of elegant Italian style.